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Brett Riesenhuber San Jose Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert
From: Brett A. Riesenhuber
Owner of Achievement Fitness Transformation Center
Serving The Silicon Valley Since 1994
Monday November 1st, 2014
Hey!  I’m Brett Riesenhuber, owner of Achievement Fitness Transformation Center (formerly Prime Physique Fitness and Adventure Boot Camp for Women) in the Silicon Valley.

My expertise is in helping South Bay Area Residents cut through all the BS that’s been holding you back from having the body you want and desire.

My program does one thing:  It gets you results faster than any other program around.

How can I make such a claim?

I’ve been a personal trainer and weight loss coach for more than 23 years and my gym has been in the same place, at the corner of Union Avenue and Camden, for the past 17 years… I’ve been a weight loss coach for more than 10,237 successful clients in the Silicon Valley, and no other personal trainer in the area has as much hands on experience training, motivating, and shifting clients’ mindsets.

I’m not saying this to brag, I’m saying it because even after 23 years in personal training, I’m STILL working my butt off to keep my weight loss and exercise programs on the cutting edge… So YOU get the best results possible, in the shortest time possible.

So many times I’ve seen people just like you start a program only to stop, gain the weight back, and add 10 more pounds… But that ends here and now.

Our support system is unheard of in the personal fitness industry.  We won’t let you fail yourself again.

Not only will you get a scientifically designed exercise program, but also easy to follow diet plan that still allows you to enjoy your life and all the best foods of this amazing region of the world… AND motivational support that’s unparalleled in ANY industry in the world!

Look… Don’t take my word for it, see what our clients say and the results they accomplish with us…

Weight Loss Transformation


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San Jose Personal Trainer

San Jose Personal Training Results


How would you like to establish your goals for your body?  I'm not just talking about losing 20 pounds and toning up, rather specific goals that you actually can achieve, and a solid time line in which to achieve them.

How would you like to rev your metabolism up?  With the right instruction and tools, you can get the slowest of metabolisms to catch on FIRE!

How would you like to move better, reduce/eliminate pain, and feel incredible?  Just by learning a few secrets and taking action, you can feel AWESOME...Fast!

These are just a few of the things we help our clients do at Achievement Fitness (and our boot camp program: Adventure Boot Camp for Women).  And I'd like to share all of it with you.

I'm going to offer you a complimentary trial workout, so you can come in, see the gym, and find out why our clients get so much more than "Just a workout."

No strings attached, just click the button below and reserve your spot.  We'll call you ASAP and get you all set up.



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Come Try Us Out!

Let's face it, you can spend the rest of the day looking through the page, browsing other sites, and ending up procrastinating some more...

OR you can be a true action taker, and start making the changes you truly deserve.  All you have to do is RESERVE YOUR SPOT today!



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quote testimo frontMy body has never looked better! It was the best decision I've made to improve my health and physique with the help of Brett. My workouts with him were both challenging and fun at the same time...quote testimo back

-Linnea Emery
San Jose, California


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quote testimo frontI'm SO THANKFUL for their program. I had an amazing wedding... I couldn't done it without their support! quote testimo back

-Michele Biggs
San Jose, California


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quote testimo frontI got hooked! If you want to increase your cardio, drop inchies, build strength and flexiblity, I highly recommend the UFB program. Its schedule is flexible and it adjusts to the physical condition you are currently in.quote testimo back

-Steve Epidendio
Campbell, Ca


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quote testimo frontI lost 10 lbs and 2 dress size practically over night - I felt. I'm very toned and HAPPY!quote testimo back

-Karen Williams
Los Gatos, CA


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quote testimo frontI newly discovered strength and energy I thought I never had before. My friends and family are asking how I did it - I feel awesomequote testimo back

-Dave Haslem
Campbell, CA



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So you’ve seen the results, read the testimonials, and heard what I have to say…

Since you are smart, you are still skeptical.

If you’ve had bad experiences with so called “personal trainers” in the past…you are even MORE skeptical.

Great!  Because I stand 110% behind my work and my teams’ dedication to helping every client get awesome results with our unconditional guarantee.

2012 Guarantee   Sept

Our “normal” 12 month group personal training and boot camp memberships are $199 per month, but I want to PROVE to you just how good we are BEFORE you commit to a membership.

So I’m going to make you an offer that you can’t refuse…

Come try out one of our high intensity group personal training classes...FREE!  Then you can decide if we are a good fit for you, and we'll be able to see if you are a good fit for our AFF (Achievement Fitness Family)

If at the end of the workout we don’t live up to our reputation, we’ll part ways, no hard feelings.

Fair enough?

Great...Here's the link:

Register Now

I look forward to meeting you and proving everything I’ve said by getting you results…FAST!

Committed to your lasting success,

Brett A. Riesenhuber

Brett A. Riesenhuber, BS, CPPT, Master Trainer
Achievement Fitness
San Jose Adventure Boot Camp for Women

PS. - Don’t wait any longer… You are here for a reason.  Take action and achieve results!
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PPS. - Remember, your success is totally guaranteed!  You have nothing to lose...except the fat.